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Whale and Dolphin Watching - Azores

We offer whale watching holidays. These Trips take place weekly every Saturday from April to October 2012. They are run by our expert local team with resident Marine biologist. The Azores is one of the best locations worldwide to see several species of whale : Sperm whales, Blue Whales, Fin whales and many more. You will also see the large pods of dolphins riding in the bow wave of the boat.

May and June is the time for the annual migrations of the big whales (fin, sei and blue whale). Also you can be fairly sure of sightings of sperm whales and many species of dolphin (Bottlenose, Atlantic Spotted, Striped, Risso's and Common) whenever you visit as these species are regularly encountered throughout the summer. As with our Dolphin Swimming holidays, late July and August tend to be busiest, with the early and medium seasons being quieter and cheaper, but still with reliable sightings of whales and dolphins. Click for more info.

Blue Whale Tour Ocean Giants Azores  

2014 Tour dates  3-10 May and 10-17 May 2014  with expert UK guides Dyaln Walker, Amanda Stafford and Lisa Steiner. These group holidays are timed to catch the Blue Whale migration past the Islands. Join us with expert guides to spend time with the biggest creatures on the planet and be part of a friendly group with a UK group leader as well as our local team.


Swimming with Dolphins - Azores, an unforgettable experience

Join us on these exciting and memorable holidays swimming with wild dolphins in the Azores.

Trips are running weekly every Saturday from June to November .You will have many opportunities to see whales on the swim with dolphins program.

Swimming with DolphinsSwimming with dolphins in the Azores is an unforgettable experience of playfulness, grace and beauty. Our ethos is one of respect and sensitivity with the dolphins and we introduce our guests to this experience with expert care and guidance. Fulfil the dream of swimming with these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.Swimming with Dolphins

Other Locations

Egypt, The Red Sea > Our very exciting new location!! Having taken over the running of a very established and sucessful dolphin swim business, we offer both a 7 night holiday which offers day trips to swim with dolphins on the coral reef where the underwater scenery is spectacular. Also we offer a 7 night trip which includes a 2 night live-aboard safari so you get an opportunity to be with the dolphins for 3 days in a very protected, unspoilt offshore reef where the dolphins rest and play during the day after hunting at night.

Our resort is a fully certified PADI diving centre and offers diving programs which can be booked in advance

Coming soon... Iceland!

We are very excited about our new destination for February 2015. Over the last few years large pods of Killer Whales have been coming to the west coast of Iceland from January to March, remarkably close to a small fishing village from where we will be based. The Whales enter the Fjords chasing and gorging themselves on the abundance of Herring so sightings of the magnificent Orca is spectacular. At this time of year, the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis illuminate the night sky and recent reports have indicated that 2014/5 will be and exceptional year for viewing this spectacle due to the magnetic solar charge that creates the magical colourful glow that everyone hopes to see in the night sky. The trip will also include a dip in the geo-thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon and visits to sweeping volcanic lava fields, mysterious rock formations and glaciers. Register your interest in our 2015 Whale Watching holidays in Iceland

Latest News

      *****May 2013******           Exceptional sightings of Blue whales  and fin whales in The azores. Our groups were blessed with seeing so many of these Ocean Giants, we hope for a repeat in 2014

Ocean Giants of The Azores Tours - See the big whales !    **** 3-10 & 10-17 May 2014 ****

Come to Europes biggest whale and dolphin festival 13-16th March 2014 Brighton Uk (put the date in your diary!). www.whale-fest.com   

Best time to Visit the Azores  

The season from April to Oct in the Azores always has fantastic sightings. The sperm whales and 5 species of dolphins will be there through the season with oportunities to see Orca, beaked whales, bottlenose whale, Pilot whales and many more. The best time to see the Baleen whales( Blue , fin and sei ) isApril, May and June , although they are sometimes sighted in the high summer months too. Spring 2013 has seen large  numbers of blue and fin whales also sperm whale nursery groups, females with young resting in groups of 5-12 whales and young

Sperm whales and climate change- Co2 absorbed

Check out the link to read how the faeces of sperm whales can actually contribute to absorbtion of excess Co2




***** I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on! do it and enrich your life! I returned home feeling more alive and inspired than ever before.

Dawn McClean, London

****"The Dolphin Connection team were great, the skippers had a lot of sensitivity to the animals and guided us to have some sensational encounters underwater and from the boats with so many dolphins and whales. I will be back!!" The company has a very responsible ethos and this this precious, unspoilt part of the world is being well preserved.

Howard Brown- Cheltenham