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The azores            

Azores mapThe Azores archipelago is situated in the Atlantic ocean 1000 miles west of Portugal. It is the only land between America and Europe. see map

The Islands

A Portuguese territory, the nine islands, dominated by a volcanic mountain range, offer a rare and unspoilt natural beauty, having retained their cultural integrity and escaped the ravages of commercial tourism. There is a wild and elemental quality here, the ocean's presence is never far away and breathing the air alone is invigorating. Some people say, it is the last vestiges of the lost continent of Atlantis! Hot springs steam into the fresh and unpolluted air. There are meadows filled with the scent of wild herbs and vivid, colourful flowers line the roads. It is quite the perfect setting to relax and slow down.

These holidays are an adventure. People come alone or in couples or groups of friends, families with children. What we offer is an active experience of the dolphins, which is very exhilarating and the opportunity to spend time in the regenerating power of nature and the elements. The groups are usually lively and friendly. There are lots of opportunities to socialise as well as ample time for relaxation and reflection.


The Azores has an equable climate all year round. We have found the summer to be the best time for our trips. Temperatures range from a mild 16°C (60°F) in winter to a comfortable 26°C (79°F) in summer. The sea is warmed by the Gulf Stream. Sea temperatures in summer are 20-22°C.

Food and Accommodation

We offer a lovely 2** town eco-hotel set with views of the harbour and open sea as well as the volcano .

Our Nature hotel has a unique and dramatic setting, perched on cliffs high above the Atlantic ocean. It is surrounded by forests and vineyards and has fabulous views of the spectacular volcano which is dormant. Its landscaped gardens lend themselves to socialising in the garden-restaurant under vines and orange trees. There are also many magical and tranquil hidden away places to relax in hammocks or gaze out to sea. There is also a swimming pool and barbecue looking out to the ocean.

Dolphins and whales can often be sighted from here. The owners and staff are friendly and hospitable hosts and the hotel has a very good standard of comfort and amenities. The hotel has a reasonably priced, excellent restaurant serving superb international cuisine and can cater for vegetarians. There are a variety of styles of accommodation to choose from.

Other activities around the Islands

Aside from spending time at sea with the whales and dolphins there is plenty else to do and see in the Azores.

The Sperm whale museum

This is situated along the coast from the hotel.It is a great coastal walk and the museum itself is run by an oxford University Marine Biologist who has been researching sperm whales in the Azores for over 20 years. There are models of whales and lots of facts about their behaviour and biology. A facinating place!

The Jeep tour, Island Geology and Vineyards

This will offer you a chance to find out about the fascinating geology of the island and “Nilton’s” tours are a real favourite with guests and include history of the island, caves, craters, lakes and the vineyards ending up with wine tasting including local food delicacies at a cultural museum!

The Volcano

Pico Mountain dominates the whole island. For some it is calling out to be climbed and we like to facilitate those that wish to do that. We will introduce you to our mountain guide for further important information. It is not necessary to climb to the top to enjoy the beauty of the higher regions of the island. It is possible to hire a taxi to the base of Pico where you can enjoy the views and the beauty of the vegetation at higher altitudes. The main attraction of Pico is the beauty of the nature and the cleanliness of the air. Walks can be taken in all parts of the island and it is possible to hire a car to do your own exploring. Should you wish to take short walks from the hotel there are a few outlined in a guide produced by the hotel. 

Madalena Caves.

These newly opened caves are open most afternoons for guided tours . Always check times. It will be necessary to arrange a taxi to take you there. The cost is reasonable if shared.

The Whaling museum and information centre 

The museum explains some of the history of the island and in particular the nature of the whaling industry as it has been carried out here over the decades. There is also a new information centre, both are a short walk along the coast from Lajes. We also highly recommend taking a trip to see the Vigia in his lookout tower ( the man who can spot the whales and directs our boats to them ) and the tradition is to take him a soft drink!

  Scuba Diving

On the north coast of Pico  or on the neighbouring Island of Faial you can arrange scuba diving with other organisations, suitable for the experienced diver as well as the beginner. The discovery of astonishing underwater volcanic landscapes. In the village you can visit the traditional boat building museum.


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***** I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on! do it and enrich your life! I returned home feeling more alive and inspired than ever before.

Dawn McClean, London

****"The Dolphin Connection team were great, the skippers had a lot of sensitivity to the animals and guided us to have some sensational encounters underwater and from the boats with so many dolphins and whales. I will be back!!" The company has a very responsible ethos and this this precious, unspoilt part of the world is being well preserved.

Howard Brown- Cheltenham